Spray painting Machine

System Over view

Our system for spray painting machine application is available for wide range of application envelop size where robot is not justified and not economical solutions The spray painting machine is designed to deliver with proven technology for small part and big size reciprocators with the option of simple manual operation or fully automatic operation thru SCADA and HMI,VFD control The machine also comes as standard with out explosion proof and with explosion proof based on customer requirement.

Core Technology

1 spray Gun ,3 spray GUN and multiple gun head type – 1 axis and 3 axis movement Floor mounting.
Adjustable Gun tip Velocity, Flow rate, Stroke length, Conveyor interface ready Dual axis gun movement
Low maintenance cost,Felxible in operation, Uniform application, Less material consumption and less space integrity ,Spray Pattern control, Part rotation

Area of application

Wheel cap ,Stone guard, Under body coating Door and wood frame, metal frame,Train Coach Engine painting ,Cylinder etc

Our Solutions for Robotic Application

Small part size spray machine 400 mm to 1000 mm
Big part size spray machine 1000 mm to 3000 mm
Spray Pattern control automation SCADA
Vertical and Horizontal Painting
Customized Space integrated machine
Rotory part movement control
VFD and Servo control reciprocators

Alloy Wheel Spray painting Machine

Wheel Cap painting Machine

Engine Spray painting Machine

Sheet Metal Spray painting Machine

Door & Window Frame Spray painting Machine

Under body painting Machine

Cylinder Spray painting Machine

Stone Guard Spray painting Machine

Train coach Spray painting Machine

Frame painting Machine

Cap Spray painting Machine

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