Spray Material Circulation Technology

System Over view

If you are looking to integrate a your material circulation system into your new project or existing facility, we provide you independent and expert solutions by our in-depth knowledge and experiecan assist in selecting the best system for your needs, providing detailed drawings showing how this can be fully integrated into your facility. We offer a range of paint circulation systems , Paint environment systems Gun Cleaning Machines and Solvent Recovery, spray Gunsnce we

Core Technology

High Pressure and low pressure application systems
Diaphragm and motorised Pumps ,Pneumatic accutuators
Water and Solvent born Cleaning systems
Fast Colour Change Manifolds
1K and 2K systems
Paint supply system
Cartridge heating and filtration system
Purging system

Area of application

Paint Booth, Spray Equipment, material recovery, Paint supply system for automotive and non automotive industries

Our Solutions for Material Circulation systems

2K machine
Vertical and Horizontal Painting
Bell/Atomizer Spray service desk
Rotory part movement control
Stand alone paint supply systems
Paint color change valve system
Solvent recovery
Gun/Bell Cleaner
Paint/solvent consumption meter

2K Machine & Paint Supply systems

Bell/Atomizer service desk

Paint color change valve system

Solvent recovery systems

Gun/Bell Cleaner

Paint/solvent consumption meter

Our global partners and customers

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