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  • One to one spare part replacement for spray atomizer

    • OLP CAD Paint robot Simulation Software for ABB,KUKA,KAWASAKI,YASIKAWA,STUBLI etc. Vision base Type Identification Robotic operation Surveillance systems
    • INROPA OLP CAD will give you liberty to use this customized setup for all major brand of robot like ABB,KUKA,KAWASAKI,YASIKAWA,et on a common software setup with the help of backup.

    True advantage for OLP software

    • - You can check process quality thru simulation​ before actual painting
    • - You can check visually layer by layer coating coverage and plan action for optimization for faster result with the help of paint brush parameter setting etc.
    • - This OLP software will save time and money with respect to production line​ breakdown, manpower resources, paint saving, new product preparedness.​
    • - Single software platform work for major brand of robots like ABB,Motoman,KUKA,KAWASAKI etc
    • - Point to point visual cell calibration for your robot paint line to get same result actual Vs Virtual robot movements. Also I would like to introduce the paint line systems and services for your line on pan India Basis.

    Vision based Type identification system True advantage 

    • - You can check part with back light option
    • - process high quality image processing
    • - Multiple camera systems in one software
    • - Truly user friendly operation
    • - Very compact design

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